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Senators root for 60 per cent ward development fund

Senators are rooting for 60 per cent of shareable funds disbursed by the National Treasury to county governments to be allocated towards ward development to accelerate development to the smallest unit of devolution.

The Senators noted that for development to be spread equitably across all

Wards, there is a need for residents at the grassroots to enjoy the fruits of devolution through an assured allocation of 60 percent of the billions of shillings received by the county to allocate to projects of their choice.

Kiambu Senator Mr. Karungo wa Thang’wa said the move was long overdue, and the Senators are ready to fight for speedy implementation of ward development funds to facilitate equity and fairness in terms of development across the wards in the 47 counties.

Speaking on the side lines of the just concluded Devolution Conference held in Eldoret from 15th to 19 August 2023, Thang’wa said they will ensure equitable sharing of devolved monies to the Wards through the County Ward Equitable Development Fund for the benefit of the people at the village levels.

The event was attended by more than 10,000 participants among them local and international dignitaries.

Thangw’a said as senators, they assure members of the county assemblies that they will be in charge of the 60 percent of the shareable revenue disbursed to their respective wards to undertake development projects.

According to Thang’wa, the county executive will retain 40 percent of the monies to carry out flagship projects at the county level.

“Out of the money disbursed to counties, the executive should be left with 40 percent in the annual budgets to undertake mega projects like construction of stadiums and hospitals while the remaining 60 percent should go to the wards for equity to be realized across the counties,” he said.

The Kiambu Senator argued that the move will also ensure residents are given the opportunity to decide which development projects they want instead of being imposed with unviable projects by the county executive.

Meanwhile, Kericho Senator Mr. Aaron Cheruyiot warned Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) against frequent threats of impeaching governors on malicious grounds, saying that they will not encourage the trend going forward.

“Let me assure the MCAs that as the Leader of the Majority in the Senate, I will be very strict on issues to do with impeachment. You must come up with concrete evidence against your county bosses on matters related to misappropriation of county funds if you expect us to listen and act on your petition at the Senate,” said Cheruiyot.

He castigated some MCA for waging unnecessary wars against their governors, a move he observed has contributed to the slow pace of development in some of the regional governments.

Cheruiyot, however, put the governors on notice saying that they will be required to account for the billions of shillings they receive from the National Treasury and that those who fail to do so will face their wrath at the Senate

By Kiptanui Cherono

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