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Sh.400 million set to provide learning institutions with water

The  government has allocated Sh.400 million to provide water in some public learning institutions across the country.

The  Water  Principal Secretary (PS), Joseph Irungu has said part of the money would be utilized to revive nonfunctional water projects in institutions which have been experiencing perennial water shortage.

Irungu  was  speaking at  Murang’a Teachers Training College on Friday where he was guest of honour during a graduation ceremony.

During the occasion, he also commissioned a Sh.6 million borehole sank by the ministry to provide water at the college and also serve the local community.

He noted that the money would also facilitate sinking of boreholes in the institutions which were not connected with clean water, especially those in arid and semi-arid areas.

“The borehole done in this college will provide more than 120, 000 litres of water on a daily basis and the water is enough for the institution and the residents living near the college,” said Irungu.

He observed that the college has been experiencing water shortages after drying up of a borehole, which was sunk when the institution was established.

“As we embark to provide community water project, the ministry is keen to also ensure that learning institutions get clean water. Some schools are also being supplied with water tanks for harvesting of rain water,” he added.

Murang’a County is set to benefit from water projects to the tune of Sh.8 billion, saying some of the projects with some already complete, Irungu noted.

In  Murang’a South, Kenol market will benefit from a Sh.2 billion water and sanitation project which will be launched before end of this financial year.

“The  water project  for Kenol market which will also include construction of a sewer line will start before end of this financial year,” said Irungu.

The market has been operating without a sewer line and the areas lacks a steady supply of clean water for domestic use.

The  PS  further noted that abandoned colonial dams a majority of them in Maragua area would be rehabilitated to ensure residents get water for domestic use and irrigation.

Meanwhile, Irungu said construction of 12.1 kilometre northern water tunnel collector is complete.

The  tunnel, which  will draw water from three main rivers in Murang’a is aimed at increasing water volume at Ndakaini dam, the main water reservoir for Nairobi and its environs.

“What’s is remaining on northern water collector tunnel is installing pipes from Ngethu treatment plant to Gigiri in Nairobi. The project is expected to be through by June this year,” he added.

The government had promised Murang’a residents various water projects which would be done as appreciation for the tunnel.

Irungu observed that implementation of the community water projects is going on, saying by 2022, water connection in the county would be almost 90 percent.

By Bernard Munyao

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