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At least 100, 000 needy households in Mombasa are set to benefit from a food donation that is meant to cater for them in a period of one month.

The Jaffer Foundation in conjunction with Grain Bulk Handlers Limited has given out food donations worth Sh. 110 million to help needy Muslims fasting during the month of Ramadan which begins next week amid Covid-19 pandemic.

During the holy Islamic month, there is a noticeable increase in charitable work across the Muslim world.

Jaffer foundation director Yussuf Jiwa said on Wednesday that, in keeping with the season’s theme of sacrifice and remembering the poor, the foundation will be feeding the poor throughout the month of Ramadan.

Jiwa added that the assorted food stuffs will be distributed to the less fortunate in the country.

“The food supplies will not only target Muslim communities but also the less fortunate non-Muslims who have been economically ravaged by the pandemic.

 He said the company is using the fasting festival to donate food to the poor in the society as it is the tradition in the Islamic belief.

“The month of Ramadhan creates a perfect opportunity to donate to charity and promote unity besides coming to the aid of those who need assistance,” said Jiwa.

The donated food stuff included maize and wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, dates, sugar, tea leaves and beans.

Solomon Ondego, a representative of the Grain Bulk Handlers Limited said each 50 kg bag contains food assortment worth Sh5000.

Ondego urged Kenyans and organizations to give charity to the less fortunate members of the society who have been down trodden economically by coronavirus saying many have resulted to illegal means to earn a living.

“We hope that this small gesture we have made here will cushion our fellow needy countrymen. We are requesting other organizations to give back to the society by assisting suffering Kenyans during the pandemic,” Ondego said.

He said the donations will ensure that the deprived and struggling in poverty-stricken areas of the country will have enough to sustain their families through the month.

Ramadhan takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, eating, drinking, smoking and physical pleasure are strictly forbidden from sunrise to sunset when the faithful break their fast.

By Chari Suche

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