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Sh16 million bridge constructed in Kiambu

Accessibility and drowning challenges along Theta River in Juja Sub County will be a thing of the past after the completion of a key bridge that connects villages in the area.

The Sh 16 million bridge constructed by the Kiambu County government connects Theta and Murera Sisal villages.

It will bring to an end decades of suffering to residents who have seen their kin drown while attempting to cross the river, or faced accessibility challenges while seeking for services on the opposite side of the river.

For decades, they have had to do with a temporary timber bridge which would frequently be swept away by floods during rainy seasons.

Speaking during the opening of the bridge, Kiambu Governor Dr. James Nyoro said the bridge will open up the region to more development and investment due to eased access.

He said the bridge is among several other bridges, among them Sh 21 million Judah bridge along the same river that is at 80 per cent completion rate, that his administration is undertaking.

“We shall also construct feeder roads leading to all our bridges to ensure they are motorable for effective use,” he said.

At least 50 people are reported to have died while crossing the two bridges especially when river Ruiru swells during heavy downpour over the years.

Residents narrated their horrendous experience while crossing the bridge to Juja farm and Murera estate saying its narrowness made it easier to fall into the fast flowing river than to cross.

Led by Damaris Wanjiru, a resident, they said the fears and panics among the elderly and drunkards while crossing the bridge will be a thing of the past.

They have over the years held demonstrations to protest the drowning of locals with their pleas landing on deaf ears.

By Muoki Charles

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