Shock as 56 year old watchman found murdered


Residents of Elugulu ward in Nambale Sub County woke up to a somber mood when a 56 old watchman was found dead at his work premises.
Children on their way to school spotted the body of the old man and informed their teachers who in turn shared the information with alarmed local residents.
Isaac Dodo Makokha said his late father Nzelimo Makokha was cut severally on the forehead by unknown assailants.
Dodo added that security was wanting adding that robberies were rampant in the area.
James Ouma lamented that insecurity and theft were high in the area and appealed to the government to intervene.
“There is a group of youth who attack others at the local pubs and make away with money and other items as early as 9.00am,” he said.
Patroba Odhiambo, the area MCA said that the incident was very unfortunate that the old man was murdered in cold blood.
Odhiambo urged the local residents to be calm as they await police officers armed with sniffer dogs to carry out investigations.
He reminded the residents that security is the responsibility of all citizens and not police alone.
The MCA added that insecurity has been an issue within the ward warning that those found culpable will be arrested and arraigned in court.
“Those who are responsible for this should know that investigations are ongoing and they will soon be apprehended.
By the time of going to the press, sniffer dogs had been brought from Kakamega to help with investigations
By Salome Alwanda

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