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Shooters mark breast cancer awareness month

In efforts to create awareness during this breast cancer awareness month, the National Gun Owners Association of Kenya (NGAO) over the weekend organised a ladies-only shooting competition to raise funds for people living with breast cancer.

The event dubbed “The Pink Target,” which brought together lady shooters from all sectors of the disciplined services and various licensed firearm holders, was held at the NGAO shooting range in Kirigiti, Kiambu County, and aimed to bring together women and other participants from the media, politicians, disciplined forces and services, civilians, and corporations to raise awareness on the challenges faced by people battling breast cancer from all walks of life.

In her opening remarks, NGAO Chairlady and Youth Representative Ms. Pauline Munyi encouraged all who were present to champion the cause and work together to rally against cancer in the country.

“We firmly believe that collaborative efforts and collective action are essential in addressing the challenges associated with breast cancer. We are grateful to the all-ladies organising committee that made the event possible and to all the participants; your support has contributed to the success of the event and helped the Pink Target Ladies Guild raise crucial funds to support breast cancer intervention programmes,” said Pauline.

The competition boasted various shooting categories, including bullseye shooting with 9mm pistols, pistol carbines, and shotguns.

Magdalene Mutindi, a breast cancer survivor present at the event, expressed gratitude towards the organisers of the event, stating that the funds would go a long way in assisting people like herself who were battling the disease with no insurance coverage and limited financial assistance.

“I have struggled with cancer since March 2020, and I know firsthand just how expensive cancer treatment is. I am therefore excited to see charity events like this one that will offer extensive financial assistance to other people dealing with the condition,” said Mutindi.

The Pink Target Guild called upon other sponsors to come on board and partner with them in the form of raffles, contributions, and other fundraiser activities in the future that would benefit the needy in society.

By Hellen Lunalo

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