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Short rains tree planting campaign in Tana River County

Residents of Tana River County have been cautioned against cutting down trees for charcoal burning as doing so could lead to severe drought in future.
Tana River County Commissioner Mr Mbogai Rioba warned the resident that the region’s forest cover stood at six percent thus urging them to plant more trees in their farms to contribute to the nation’s targeted 10 percent tree cover.
Mr Rioba was speaking at Hola Kenya Forest Service compound yesterday during a campaign to sensitize residents to plant trees during this short rains season.
He advised the local people to particularly plant the indigenous trees as they are favorable to the region’s hot climate explaining; “it’s important to plant trees that are drought resistance because Tana River County is experiencing inadequate rainfall.”
He also urged residents to clear bushes surrounding their compounds to curb spreading of Malaria and to also put up pit latrines to prevent outbreak of waterborne diseases such as typhoid and Cholera.
Speaking at the same function, Tana River County Acting Ecosystem Conservator Mr Jaffer Galole said water shortage was the main challenge impending on the survival of trees in the County.
Mr Galole said, Kenya Forest Service could plant over 2000 trees per rain season but they cannot do so due to little and unreliable rain.

By Simon Guruba

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