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Show compassion for Coronavirus victims, says Catholic Church

Christians in the country have been urged to be charitable in extending assistance to the suffering fellow Kenyans seriously affected by the novel Covid-19 pandemic.
Catholic Diocese of Meru Bishop Salesius Mugambi said there are many people confined in quarantine facilities and others in self-isolation in homes who have nothing to eat, since they cannot fend for themselves.
Rt. Rev Mugambi asked Christians to respond to the cry for assistance by those rendered destitute by the pandemic who have lost their livelihoods and extend a helping hand by giving alms especially basic necessities for sustenance of life.
Speaking at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Meru Sunday when he celebrated Mass based on the theme of Divine Mercy, the cleric asked Christians to demonstrate charity amidst the Coronavirus pandemic by providing food to the hungry, comforting families bereaved by the scourge and encouraging the sick through prayer.
Bishop Mugambi reiterated the enormity of the Covid-19 pandemic as a real monster ravaging the world and cautioned Kenyans still doubtful of pandemic to change their attitude and religiously follow the personal hygiene protocols spelt out by the Ministry of Health for their own good.
Paraphrasing Scripture from the New Testament Gospel of John, Bishop Mugambi warned that “some Christians are doubting Thomases who do not believe the Coronavirus is real,” and advised such people to wake up to the reality to ensure their continued survival.
The prelate, who is also the Chaplain of Disciplined and Uniformed forces, prayed for security personnel charged with law enforcement, protection of natural resources and those in charge of correctional facilities to discharge their duties diligently even in the face of difficult challenges they encounter in their day-to-day operations.
He asked Kenyans to fight corruption and promote the culture of caring for each other as brothers and sisters by sharing national resources equitably and following the example of the first Christian community who were each other’s keeper.
By Kizito Maruti

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