Siaya youths want BBI report simplified, cascaded to grassroots

Counties Siaya

Youths in Siaya County now want elected leaders to establish teams of volunteers who can help in cascading contents of the BBI report to the people at the grassroots level.

Led by Dan Abong’o, the youths argue that after endorsing the BBI report as Luo-Nyanza leaders during the Kisii meeting last week, the leaders now need to find a way through which the same report can also be understood by the locals.

Abong’o who works with a civil rights organization called the Citizens Voice and Action said that they now need to recruit an independent team of volunteers who will help in clarifying the contents of the BBI report to the people, so that everybody is able to have a voice and proper knowledge on what it entails.

He stated that this is the time that they also want to hear and know the stand of the church regarding the issues highlighted through the BBI report like for instance on the issues of inclusivity, corruption, national issues and patriotism among others.

Abong’o who spoke to KNA in Bondo sub-county Monday stated that they don’t want the BBI agenda to be left to the politicians to run away with because it will lose the whole meaning, adding that they would want it to be people driven.

He has also challenged the elected leaders to stop the over excitement about the whole issue of the BBI, noting that they need to read the document and clearly understand it so that they can be able to simplify it to the ordinary people in the villages to also know how it is going to benefit them.

Meamwhile, Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga has moved to assure residents that they have plans of holding BBI meetings at every ward to help in briefing people about the contents of the report.

By Brian Odeng’   


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