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Simlaw plans to purchase 4.5 tonnes of green grams

Simlaw Seed Company is in the processing of purchasing 4.5 tonnes of green grams seed at Hola Irrigation Scheme at the rate of Sh80 per kilo.

Speaking to the press at Hola Irrigation Scheme offices yesterday, the Scheme Agronomist Johnson Mkho said, the seed company engaged Hola Irrigation Scheme farmers in growing green grams for seeds in December 2021 whereby 50 acres of land were planted with the green grams for seed generation.

Mr Mkho said, it was projected that four bags of green grams will be produced per acre of land therefore, for the 50 acres of land about 200 bags of green grams were to be produced adding, that the seed company was to initially slated to purchase green grams at Sh120 per kilogram.

He however, said when the farmers planted the green grams for seeds the maturing crop was experienced heavy rains in December 2021 resulting in poor quality of the final crop which was dark instead of being green.

The Agronomist said experts from the seed company visited the farmers in early February, 2022 and found that the produce of green grams was not purely green hence, sorted out the green grams and settled on 90 bags of green grams for seed that they proposed to purchase at Sh80 per kg instead of Sh120 per kg due to poor quality.

Mr.Mkho blamed the heavy rains for undermining the efforts of Hola Irrigation Scheme green grams farmers, he however urged the farmers not to be discouraged because nature does not obey the will of the farmer.

He also appealed to the Hola Irrigation farmers to turn out in large numbers and engage in Rice farming that is doing well compared to maize farming at Hola Irrigation scheme saying, already 1000 acres of land at the Scheme have been planned for Rice farming currently.

By Simon Guruba

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