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Six people from Nyando sub county butchered

A somber mood has engulfed residents of Ahero town in Nyando Sub County after six men from the area were killed in Busia County.

According to witnesses the men were hired by a prominent woman Mercy Aduol from the area to offer security during the burial of her late husband in Bumala, Busia County.

It is believed that the hired men were attacked by boda boda operators and residents in Bumala town after word went around that the woman had engaged the bouncers to protect her from marauding youth who had accused her of killing her husband, a businessman.

The hired youth who were armed to the teeth were killed after they tried to remove the body of the deceased from the morgue to be buried in Busia.

According to reliable sources, the deceased are supposed to be transferred to Ahero sub county mortuary for postmortem.

Residents had thronged Ahero sub county hospital when they received news that the bodies were to be transferred to the mortuary as early as 10 a.m. today.

And in bid to reduce tension, police plan to transport the bodies without public knowledge at night today.

One of the hired bouncers is said to have escaped with multiple injuries and was rushed to nearby hospital in Busia County under close supervision by the police.

Efforts to get comments from the police were futile as they said they are in contact with their counterparts in Busia County to get full information about the ongoing happenings.

The bouncers had left Nyando Sub County for Butula in Busia to provide security during the burial of Johannes Aduol’s  who was murdered a fortnight ago and were present at Sega mortuary in Siaya County during the collection of the body.

The presence of the bouncers created fear among mourners who sought to know their motive and why they were providing security to the body before lynching them.


By John Ochanda


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