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Skin Care Tips for Men

When it comes to skin care, women will walk miles trying to find the best products that work perfectly on their skins while men on the other hand may not put much effort to it due to what society has made them believe.


However, every individual has a right to care and invest on their skin regardless of their gender and men shouldn’t feel shy about getting quality and expensive products as well as visit dermatologists once in a while so as to have radiant glow on their own skin.


It comes in handy bearing confidence and self-love which is what most people lack especially those with uneven skin tones, acne and rashes all over their faces.

Speaking to KNA at Mapa house in Kiambu Township yesterday Brian Etenyera a 27 year old says that skin care is for women and strongly disagrees with the belief that a man should also style up and make-up their face with simple beauty products. “Why would I do that? Iam not a woman to attract men. It’s going to be weird doing the same things that my girlfriend usually does. Just soap, water and Vaseline is good and enough for me.” he strongly remarked.


According to Dr. William Kiarie a certified dermatologist in one of the hospitals in Nairobi says that skin care requires consistency that men often find it hard as it takes most of their time as it requires one to develop a routine.


Kiarie recommends that men should give their skin attention even if it is not as much as women do using a mind foaming cleanser every morning and before retiring to bed. “They should also use an antioxidant serum like vitamin C which will help reduce damage and should also apply a moisturizer underneath after your shaving routine”


He advised that men shouldn’t go to extremes as ponce may have sensitive skin to it is best that they check with their doctor from time to time.” You don’t have to moisturize at night if your skin isn’t dry. Moisturizing is a lot like drinking water thus you should do it when you need it.” Kiarie recommended.


Kiarie also said that rough textures are usually the biggest concern men face when it comes to skin care. “I have treated men often because of razor burn, ingrown hairs and even pimples,” he added. Shaving is one of the most common causes of irritation, but a proper skin care routine is able to manage that and improve the skin care routine and is able to manage that and improve the skin.


However the case, even though many products don’t have a male name or tag that show men will benefit from them. Skin care ideally should be genderless. It is also wise for men to understand that not all products work perfectly for them and before they start using a product it is best for them to first inquire from a beauty technician as some products contain sensitive chemicals that might even make their skin worse due to irritation.


Scores of men may feel that they are already doing skin care by washing their face with soap and water just like Etenyera thinks. However, what they don’t realize is that most soaps damage their skin by drying it out and can cause irritation. Another reason is that men don’t want to shop for it and are overwhelmed by the thought of adding skin care to their daily routines.

A basic skin care routine doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or time consuming and men should therefore take it positively as it will do the wonders for the overall health and appearance of their skin.


By Lydia shiloya and Keit Wangari



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