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Society urged to embrace children with special needs

The Kenyan society has been asked to embrace children with special needs and help nurture them into productive citizens.

The President of Rotary Club of Nakuru Rani Ramchandani said there was need for the Kenyan society to acknowledge that children with special needs have the potential just like any other children and needed to be empowered so that they could exploit their talents and capabilities.

He expressed regret that children with special needs were facing many challenges while in school, adding that Rotary club was partnering with other charitable organizations to improve on their welfare.

Ramchandani made the remarks when he donated food staff and snacks to learners from Pangani special school in Nakuru during the school’s fun-day event.

He said the club will continue to assist schools hosting children with special needs in order to help them tap their potential and earn a living from their gifts.

The Nakuru rotary club is credited with the construction of modern toilets and water harvesting tanks at the school with the President of the club promising to put up more infrastructural facilities to facilitate the learners in such institutions.

“We want to ensure we put a smile on the faces of these special needs learners and up-lift their learning environment,” assured Ramchandani.

The school head-teacher Arubina Makobe said the school with the help of charitable organizations, have been able to put up a workshop where learners get vocational training to empower them with life skills.

She cited courses such as cookery, hairdressing and bead-work which were being offered to the special need learners to empower them economically.

The head-teacher was happy that most of the pupils from the school have been able to earn a living from the courses offered adding that there was need to expand on the courses offered to ensure all the learners benefit.

She called on members of the communities from where the learners come from, to embrace and show love to children with special needs saying they were like any other children only that they were abled differently.

By Esther Mwangi and Charloth Chepkemoi


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