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Some public hospitals get a spectrum product to boost treatment of wounds

A number of public hospitals in the country have benefited with a broad spectrum product aimed boosting treatment and hasten healing of surgical and non-surgical wounds.

The product dubbed colloidal silver solution is hailed for its potential in treating wounds and helping admitted patients with wounds not to stay for long in hospitals.

The product being distributed by Colloidal Silver Solutions Company from Rwanda is purely made of distilled water and silver particles that is meant for cleaning wounds.

Representative of the company Branice Mayienga speaking when she distributed the solutions at Murang’a Level-5 hospital observed that the product was introduced in the country back in 2022 at Nairobi hospital and it has helped patients especially those who have undergone surgery to get healed within a short period of time.

According to Mayienga the product is used while dressing a wound, where silver particles create a film on top of the wound by reducing the amount of oxygen to the wound.

She added they are also giving out an aloe vera gel which is used together with the solution. “After cleaning a wound with the solution, an aloe vera gel is applied and this gives the patient a cooling effect on the wound. The gel kills bacteria and silver attaches itself to the DNA of the bacteria and suffocates bacteria to death, leaving the wound free from bacterial attack.” Explained Mayienga.

She continued “Aloe vera gel also helps in loosening dead skin on the wound so that it can peel off by itself without the patient peeling and injuring the skin.”

The representative explained that the product, which is more effective than any other treatment on wounds including burns, has been tested and approved by the pharmacists and poisons board of Kenya among other health medical regulating bodies.

Mayienga further noted women and gynecological problems have also been solved by colloidal silver solutions where three drops of the substance are added into water and a woman sits on it to eliminate bad odour that is mostly caused when PH level goes down after menses.

She added that her company has also made donations of the solution to several cancer centers in the country where patients suffer from bed sores.

Jackie Wambui, who also works with the company and based in Rwanda noted that according to an analysis of wounds in East Africa, Kenya is leading hence the need for use of colloidal silver solution that is most effective.

Wambui said that the product is not being sold but donated to public health facilities in a bid to educate Kenyans on the importance of silver, which she recommends for use in emergencies that are presented in casualty sections.

“Every public health facility that receives Colloidal Silver solution and Aloe Vera Gel products is issued a form that they fill in as feedback after a week or so, to help monitor the effectiveness of the products.” She remarked.

Wambui added that after introduction and sensitization, the company would wish to partner with the national and county governments so as to be purchasing the products and be used in treating patients in all public hospitals.

By Bernard Munyao

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