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Spillage of Dams Looms as Heavy Rains Persists

Hundreds of Muranga residents are living fear after several dams in the County to have almost outstretched their capacity due to ongoing heavy rains in the region.

The county’s Disaster Management Committee found that six of the dams assessed during a fact finding mission were on the verge of spilling over putting lives of residents downstream at risk.

The team led by Governor Mwangi wa Iria six privately owned  dams in  Gatanga Sub County were full amid fears that if the rains continued, they were likely to  break their banks and spill over and cause havoc downstream.


He expressed fears that a disaster was eminent if the dams spilled over, as they we likely to empty the flush floods to Thika and Chania rivers which were already swelling with rain water from upstream areas.

Mwangi who accompanied the team last Saturday  said preliminary assessment in the event of such an occurrence revealed that residents in the low lying areas of Ithanga and areas in Machakos county were at risk.

He ordered the dam owners majority of who were flower farmers to urgently create spill ways to gradually empty the surplus rain water to avert a looming disaster and commended those who started putting up such measures.

“From the information given by meteorological department, the rains are expected to continue for almost for a full month and precautions should be put in place to avoid disasters and loss of lives,” added Governor.

Upper parts of Murang’a county have received more than 1,500 millimeters of rain since the onset of the rainfall season, an amount which is tripple  the county has been receiving.

“Some of dams are at potential risk to spill over and we are advising our people in lower parts of county who live near river Thika and Chania to move to safer areas,” added Mwangi.

Ndakaini Dam located at upper part of Gatanga sub county, the governor said is almost full and soon will spill over thus occasioning river Chania to swell.

“Within three or four days Ndakaini dam will be full and excess water will flow to river Chania where the spillage is directed and that means more danger to people living downstream,” added Mwangi.

He said all dams in the county including the ones constructed during colonial era will be inspected to ensure they don’t pose any danger.

The governor lauded the county disaster committee for helping to avert dangers which could have claimed lives due to heavy rains.

Some parts of the county have witnessed landslides which have occasioned destruction of property especially tea farms and blocking of roads.


By Bernard Munyao

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