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Sports Organization promotes tennis among locals

A sports organisation, Humara Tennis, is working with other tennis clubs in Kakamega to register the Kakamega County Tennis Association to promote the sport among locals.

The Western Regional Coordinator of Humara Tennis, Victor Ouma, said the only tennis clubs in Kakamega are Masinde Muliro University Tennis Club and Vike Tennis Academy.

He said the association will enable participation of the public and management of a tennis court located at the Kakamega Sports Club which is not well maintained.

“Humara tennis has more than 100 registered tennis players across the country and focuses on providing opportunities for everyone in the community to participate in healthy, safe and inclusive tennis activities,” he noted.

The organisation promotes tennis among locals by organising mini-series tournaments fortnightly in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kakamega and Mombasa counties.

He said lack of a public tennis court in Kenya discourages many people who may love the sport from playing it as they view it as an expensive sport which is concentrated in Nairobi.

The available well maintained tennis courts are in Nairobi, one is owned by the Public Service club which charges Sh700 per hour for one to use the court in practicing tennis.

Another well maintained tennis court is owned by Nairobi Sports club which reserves its court for members who have a subscription and for major tournaments.

By Erdly Agona

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