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Stakeholders sensitized on intellectual property rights recordation

Product counterfeiting is becoming more prevalent and more serious creating a risk to the accomplishment of development goals, therefore, Kenya is making strides to fight the crime.

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) in conjunction with various stakeholders from government and private sector held sensitization training in preparation on the approaching implementation of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) recordation.

Speaking during a training session in Eldoret, Regional Anti-Counterfeit Inspector, Ibrahim Bulle, said ACA aims to develop a database of intellectual property information, for goods to be imported into the country.

Bulle noted that the recordation process will enable manufacturers and owners of goods, to register the IPR in respect of any goods imported to Kenya for commercial purposes.

This will help consumers make informed choices about the safety, reliability and effectiveness of their purchase, he said.

“The expansion of international trade, technology advancement and changes in trading methods have brought up new difficulties that necessitate the use of advanced strategies to effectively and efficiently combat illegal trade,” Bulle said.

He stated that it is impossible to overlook the effects of illegal trade and various forms of counterfeiting.

This has had a negative impact on the health of consumers, who unknowingly buy counterfeit goods, decrease in investments, job losses and income losses for the government and private sectors, he noted.

“The declaration of the IPRs for imports will commence on January 1st , 2023 and all imports will be allowed as long as they are not counterfeit goods and correct taxes have been paid,” he disclosed.

Bulle urged all stakeholders, the IP owners, agents and importers to cooperate with the Authority to protect Kenyans and consumers intellectual property rights to ensure a smooth execution of the recordation project.

“The recordation program will help fight against the illegal trade and this shall enhance market access, increase investment and economic growth in our country Kenya,” said Bulle.

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