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Stakeholders want Conservancy to take responsibility for dead wild life

Various stakeholders at the Maasai Mara Game reserve want Olchoro-Orowua Conservancy held responsible for the loss of three lions, four hyenas and one eland that died out of ensnaring at the Conservancy on Sunday night.

The Mara Serengeti Ecosystem coordinator Mr. Nicholas Ole Murelo alleged the animals died out of carelessness from the conservancy management that has been entrusted to take care of the wild animals.

“I want to ask all conservancy owners to be vigilant and take care of the wild animals because these animals are so prestigious and bring revenue to the county. It is painful and sad for the wild animals to die out of ensnaring yet the conservancy has rangers and scouts who man it,” said Ole Murelo.

He recalled the last time a lion was killed at the game reserve was three years ago when the wild cat had killed some cows; however, he lamented that in this incident, the lions had not killed any livestock hence wondered why the king of the jungle had to be killed.

Ole Murelo asked the residents living around the game reserve to also be vigilant and report any suspecting persons who visit the conservancy with ill motives.

“I believe those responsible for the killings are not locals. They are people who come from outside counties and neighbouring country Tanzania whose main aim is to poach game meat in the area,” said Ole Murelo.

Jacob Ole Sairowa, a tour guide lamented the loss of the animals saying it was unfortunate that when the conservancies were recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, such a loss would occur.

“This is a shame to the whole country to hear of lions killed out of ensnaring yet they have not caused any harm to human beings,” said Ole Sairowa.

He called on the investigating organs to bring to book those involved in the killings so that they could act as a lesson to any other persons with such evil motives.

Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki on Wednesday confirmed that investigations had been launched to ascertain the death of the animals.

He said the animals’ dead are two pre-mature female lionesses and one adult male lion adding that the population of lions at the Mara- Serengeti ecosystem is approximately 50.

By Ann Salaton

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