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State Dedicated to Exploit Marine Resources, Says PS

The government has committed to exploiting resources from the maritime sector by working towards transforming the Bandari Maritime Academy to be a regional center of excellence.

Speaking during the launch of a strategic plan for the Bandari Maritime Academy in Mombasa, Principal Secretary State Department for Shipping and Maritime Affairs Mr. Shadrack Mwadime said that the Blue economy is a sector that is yet to be exploited for the country’s economy to expand exponentially.

Mwadime said capitalizing on the new areas of the blue economy using the ocean and lakes can help in improving livelihoods and creating jobs thus spur economic growth.

“In Kenya, our waters remain totally unexplored; we want to copy the example of other countries like Dubai that used the sector to grow its economy. As a government we will be setting aside resources to ensure the students we produce are of the international standards and are able to access the international labour markets,” he said.

Mwadime said in ensuring that the quality of certificates issued is of high standard, there is need to call upon development partners to assist the government in converting Bandari Maritime Academy into a center of excellence.

He noted that the evaluation by international Maritime organizations emphasize on the setting up of advanced fire-fighting centers that gives knowledge on sea safety and survival training centers which is an important course in helping graduates get shipping jobs.

“I want to make it clear that the kind of certificates that we issue here are internationally recognized and that is why about 6,000 of our students have accessed jobs abroad since we began this programme,” he said.

He added that the ministry will give out Sh. 20 billion for a master plan so that it can be used to grow the sector by improving the infrastructure of strategic institutions in the country that train people on maritime knowledge.

The PS said the government will also enter into agreements with the countries that provide job opportunities, adding that they have agreed on a partnership programme where they can come over periodically and do some inspection on the institutes and further engage the young people on their shipping needs.

On sea time experience, he said the government is already in partnership with CAM ships and last year they picked six graduates and 12 this year to offer them sea time experience that they require.

He noted that they are also in talks with Mediterranean Shipping Company which has offered 4100 slots for the graduates at the Bandari Academy to get sea time experience.

Bandari Maritime Academy Board Chairman Prof. Kinandu Muragu said that there is need to emphasize farming in the sector especially the area of fishing as other countries have made a stride in exploiting the sector.

Muragu called upon students to be disciplined, polite, committed and dedicated in their studies noting that the sector promises a bright future ahead. “There is a need to nationalize Bandari Maritime Academy as we are competing with other countries like India, Vietnam, and Indonesia in excelling in this sector,” he said.

By Chari Suche

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