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State revamps educational assessment and resource centres

The Ministry of Education is set to revamp Educational Assessment and Resource Centres (EARCS) with a view to strengthening its ability to assess the nature and extent of disabilities facing children.

The assessment will enable the government to decide on the intervention required to mitigate the disability and place the children in appropriate educational institutions.

The State Department for Early Learning & Basic Education and University Education and Research Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ms Mumina Bonaya made this revelation during the official closing of the 3rd National Conference on Special Education at the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) in Nairobi.

She said that the re-organization of EARCS will ensure 100 per cent placement, access, equity, quality, relevance, transition, and completion of all children at all levels, in line with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

“Parents should present their children with various disabilities to EARCS where the government can assess the disability and place the children in educational institutions that will develop their abilities and talents,” Bonaya said in a statement sent to news rooms.

The CAS expressed concern that some parents hid their children thus denying them the opportunities to develop their innate abilities and talents.

She emphasized on the government policy on education aimed at educating every child.

“The CBC has provided for diversity in endowments and it seeks to develop the varied potential of every child,” she noted.

KISE Director Dr. Norman Kiogora said that special needs education for children is not readily appreciated.

He revealed that the children had emotional and learning difficulties which teachers attribute to naughtiness.

“Training institutions for teachers should teach special needs education programs which will enable them to handle students with more understanding and empathy,” he advised.

By Michael Omondi

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