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State Set to Start Construction of Over 10,000 Affordable Houses in Kilifi

The national government is set to commence the construction of over 10,000 affordable houses in Kilifi County to deliver on the Affordable Housing Project introduced by President William Ruto to provide safe and cheap houses for Kenyans.

Speaking during the Affordable Housing Program and Market Implementation Committee meeting on Monday, Kilifi County Commissioner Josphat Biwott stated that the committee has already identified 4 construction sites for the first phase of the project.

The 4 identified sites included Tezo, Kibarani, and Bofa in Kilifi North constituency and the Sir Ali site in Malindi constituency, adding that Kilifi North will have more projects due to the high demand for housing in the area.

Accompanied by Kilifi County Government Secretary Martin Mwaro, Commissioner added that the government is ready to implement the project in the county stating that they are making final plans to kick off the construction.

“Kilifi County has proposed 11 sites for the project, and from these 11 today we have sat down as a committee and identified 4 sites which by Tuesday next week we will begin advertising,” he said.

By the end of the project, every constituency in Kilifi is expected to have at least one affordable Housing project. 

Biwott assured that the government will work hand in hand with the Jua Kali sector and will require over 20,000 skilled and non-skilled personnel to make the project successful.

“We are planning to build 10,000 units in Kilifi County. For these 10,000 units, we will require a labor force of not less than 20,000 skilled and non-skilled laborers. We will also need around 20,000 Juakali workers,” he said.

Under the Affordable Housing Project in Kilifi County, the Commissioner disclosed there will be 2 mini-cities constructed in Mtwapa where 50 acres of land has already been set aside for the project, and the other in Mariakani. The two regions have been selected for the project due to the ready availability of land

Juakali Association Chairman in Kilifi, Kombo Charo expressed his hope for the commencement of the project saying that the project will boost the economic status of thousands of young people in the county.

“We have waited for this project for a long time because it comes with a lot of benefits for our Juakali laborers. The only thing we ask is once the project begins, the Juakali laborers in Kilifi to be given priority in the allocation of work and tenders,” Mr. Charo said.

By Cynthia Maseno and Jackson Msanzu


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