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State to expand Kisii Huduma Centre

Kisii County Commissioner Tom Anjere has revealed the government’s plan to expand Kisii Huduma Centre to serve additional citizens who access government services daily.

Kisii Huduma Centre staff listening to speeches during the launch of the Customer Service Week at the facility in Kisii town, Kisii County. Photo by Christopher Warren

Speaking at the Huduma centre in Kisii town during the launch of Customer Service Week, Anjere said the allocation of land for the expansion is almost complete and the move will ensure more people are served within the shortest time possible.

“Due to the recent digitization of 5,000 government services, it is expected that the number of customers is likely to increase at this centre, hence the need for a bigger space,” he said.

The CC noted the facility, which was officially opened almost ten years ago, provides 22 government services to about 700 to 1000 customers daily, and the hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with employees working in morning and afternoon shifts.

Anjere, who met with the 82 workers running the centre and other stakeholders, pointed out that they had agreed to work together and ensure that residents of Kisii receive the best customer service.

He said the prices of paid services, including the replacement of Identity identity card (ID), certificate of good conduct, and NTSA licence, among others, should be written on the service charter using English, Swahili, or the local dialect to guide the citizens on the cost and duration of the service.

The CC decried the large number of uncollected IDs at the centre as well as passports at the Kisii Immigration Office, saying citizens should speed up and collect their documents from the respective offices.

He also proposed a dedicated teller in both offices to assist the elderly, disabled persons, and lactating mothers to access government services with ease.

Anjere called upon government officers and citizens to join hands in the fight against corruption by reporting any fraudulent cases to responsible authorities.

Last month, Cabinet Secretary (CS) of the Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action, Aisha Jumwa, announced that they will roll out 290 Huduma centres in 290 constituencies following requests from citizens and leaders.

The CS noted that the Ministry of Public Service is looking to collaborate with the National Government-Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) in establishing some of the sub-counties Huduma Centres.

By Martin Kaizer and Christopher Warren

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