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Stolen Sh24 million Kitui County Dozer Recovered in Ruiru

Kitui detectives have launched a manhunt for suspects behind a spate of robberies including the recently stolen Sh24 million county dozer recovered in Ruiru of Kiambu County last week.

Confirming the dozer recovery on Tuesday, County Criminal Investigations Officer Singi Nzioka said that the detectives have widened their search to ensure all culprits are apprehended and prosecuted.

“At the moment we are crafting the preliminary investigations and soon we will zero in on the real masterminds behind the dozer theft registration Caterpillar D6E, GK Z987,” said Nzioka.

According to multiple sources, the dozer was parked in a private residence in Matinyani, after running fuel.

“The officers supervising the grading of roads in the area, went back on August 26, 2020 to continue with the grading but found the dozer missing,” said Nzioka.

According to the police, a family member who is assisting with the investigation said the dozer was ferried in the morning of August 22, 2020 by a private roll loader claiming that they were taking the machinery for servicing.

The County Government linked up with the police and area DCI officers to locate the whereabouts of the dozer, which was found in Ruiru in Kiambu County, with the number plates removed.

“The person found with it, says that he bought the dozer from a popular County Government official, where he made a deposit of 150,000 and will be paying the same amount weekly,” read part of the preliminary investigation report.

The dozer recovery comes after a week since the impeachment of Kitui Lands and Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Planning CEC Eng Jacob Kakundi over gross violation of the constitution and skewed tendering.

Kyome/Thaana Ward Representative Alex Mwangangi accused Kakundi over discriminative issuance of bulldozer services for three consecutive years, during his reign to the detriment of other needy wards and orchestrating the unprocedural award of bush clearing tenders to his cronies.

“The bush clearing tenders were meant to benefit the vulnerable members of society. The County Minister enlisted the services of women and youth to do the bush clearing on behalf of the contractors. Some of the affected casuals have not been paid to date,” said Mwangangi.

By Yobesh Onwong’a

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