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Students laud the disbursement of bursaries in Nyandarua

Ol Kalou MP David Kiaraho has said that he will continue to advocate for equality in education, as the constituency continues to record a high number of applicants seeking bursaries.

Speaking at Muiri Primary school, Kiaraho noted that the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) had boosted the standards of education, leading to a high number of beneficiaries in tertiary institutions and boarding schools, unlike before.

Kiaraho, who distributed bursary cheques to about 4, 500 students from Karau and Kaimbaga wards, emphasised on the need for education to all, stating that, “education is the great engine for personal development.”

He echoed the words of Nelson Mandela, “It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor … that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation.”

Mr Kiaraho stated that he was on the frontline to ensure that he delivered his promise to the residents as far as matters of education were concerned.

“It’s a great honour for me to see thousands of our secondary and tertiary students join or continue their studies uninterrupted. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing the dreams of these young people who represent our future, achieved,” said Kiaraho.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude stating that the funds were disbursed on time and the allocation was done on fair grounds.

“I thank the NG-CDF for issuing the bursaries to us as this will ensure that no bright student will miss classes due to lack of school fees. The funds are of great benefit to me as they will ease the burden of school fees on my parents,” said Jack Njoroge, a student at Nyandarua National Polytechnic.

Another resident of Mirangine ward, Stephen Njiraini lauded the NG-CDF committee for their efforts on seeing that all potential students from needy households were in school through issuance of bursaries.

The Committee’s Chair Samuel Nyaga, while encouraging learners to work hard in their studies, also advised them to avoid substance abuse and called upon parents to ensure that the learners were in school.

“It is only through education that we have the power to transform our society and provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labour exploitation and disease and giving them the knowledge skills and confidence to reach their full potential,” said Nyaga.

By Kennedy Muchori and Teresia Mutuku  

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