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Students living with disabilities among beneficiaries of Mathioya NG-CDF bursaries

The  Mathioya National-Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has allocated bursaries to sixty students living with disabilities.

The  students were among other more than 3,000 needy students from the constituency considered in the Sh.13 million bursary kitty.

Speaking  when distributing bursaries at various centres in the constituency on Monday, the area MP, Peter  Kimari noted that the students living with disabilities were given priority considering struggles their parents undergo to keep them in special schools.

Majority of the students with special needs are admitted in a special school run by a catholic church in Mugeka area.

Among beneficiaries were 100 model students comprised of bright learners admitted in national schools but from humble backgrounds.

The  NG-CDF is paying their full school fees to ensure they pursue their education to completion without undue financial challenges.

Kimari  said the process of issuance of the bursaries has been free and fair as the committee entrusted in the task selected only needy cases.

“This year we received more than 9, 000 applications for bursaries but due to inadequate resources, we were only able to fund only 3,511 students both from boarding and day schools,” said the MP.

He underscored the vital role played by bursaries, saying the move has enabled bright and needy students to be retained in schools.

“We have very many needy cases and it’s my appeal that we get more allocation to ensure every child gets a chance to pursue his/her ambitions,” remarked Kimari at Kiriaini Shopping Centre.

Meanwhile, the  Mathioya Sub County has attained a 98.8 percent transition rate from primary school with only six students failing to join secondary school.

Among the six were 3 expectant girls, whom the MP said will follow up to ensure they join secondary schools after delivering, while 2 of the remaining 3 students opted to repeat class eight after scoring poor marks, effectively leaving only one student unaccounted for.

However, the high transition rate to secondary schools has exerted immeasurable pressure on the existing facilities, amid calls to the government to release more development funds for infrastructural expansion.

Kimari  noted that second phase of issuance of bursaries will target needy students in colleges and universities.

By  Bernard Munyao

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