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Success of new curriculum will depend on its implementation, says Don

An educationist has challenged the government to employ best strategies in implementing the new curriculum.
Mount Kenya University founder Professor Simon Gicharu has said the Competency Based Curriculum will only be successful if it will be well implemented.
The new curriculum, he noted, is a good plan for the country’s education as it focuses on practical activities and is student-centered.
Speaking during the 25th Graduation Ceremony at Murang’a Teachers Training College on Friday, Prof Gicharu added that the new curriculum aims to equip students with skills to succeed in an environment of tough competition.
“The challenge is how the new curriculum will be implemented. The 8-4-4 system was not entirely bad but its shortcoming emanated from poor implementation,” observed Gicharu.
He said, “We must not allow the new system to be derailed by poor implementation. All education players must work as a team to ensure we are pulling in the same direction in terms of implementing the new system.”
Prof Gicharu further said adequate resources like books and equipment should be availed towards implementation observing that 8-4-4 system failed to live to its expectations due to insufficient resources.
“We have to learn vital lessons which should guide us in the implementation of the new education system that we are now phasing in,” he added.
Gacharu said learners are talented differently and thus the new system should give opportunity for every student to prosper in area he is good at saying the listing of candidates on the basis of their academic performance in national examination does not benefit all learners.
“Some students are talented in co-curricular activities and they should be given an opportunity and supported to nurture their talents,” noted the MKU Chairman.
Meanwhile Prof Gicharu challenged education stakeholders to focus their energies in bringing discipline in learning institutions.
“It is perturbing to see how low the level of discipline has sunk in schools over the recent past. We have seen students burning dormitories and classrooms even others have gone to the extent of assaulting their teachers,” lamented Gicharu.
He challenged parents, teachers, government and members of public to ensure schools and colleges remain epitomes of discipline.
“The kind of students we bring up today will largely determine the kind of society we will bequeath our children. We must teach them ethics and impart in them principles that will make hard-working citizens who strive to do good for the society at all times,” he added.
Professor Gicharu who is also Chairman of Rural Electrification Authority (REA) challenged universities and colleges to embrace green energy alternatives saying thses will save them from incurring huge power bills.
“Solar energy among other green energies can be used in learning institutions to help in reducing power bills,” he stressed.
By Bernard Munyao

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