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Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi has said she is ready to support the youth and women in Kirinyaga to register companies for business.
Wangui said that many of the youth and women in Kirinyaga cannot benefit from government tenders since they do not have the necessary documents to enable them get the jobs.
“I am asking such groups to urgently come to our Kerugoya office where they can receive the support and be assisted to have their companies registered,” she said.
The MP said leaders must endeavor to support the women and youth in the county to be empowered and benefit from many of the opportunities provided by the government.
Wangui said youth, women and persons with disabilities must now go for the 30 percent reserved government tenders set aside for them.
“You must now take advantage of the allocation both in the National and the county governments,” she said.
“It has come to my knowledge that women and youth in Kirinyaga have not been going for the tenders from the county government, I can only follow up if you apply,” Wangui said.
The woman rep said she will assist the youth and women who wish to register companies so that they can benefit from the government awarded tenders.
“I understand that only 20 percent of the entire group has attempted to apply for the tenders which leaves me wondering, who is awarded the 30 percent allocation,” she said.

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi hands over food donation to an old woman during an event she organised at Wanguru, Photo by Irungu Mwangi/KNA Kirinyaga

The county MP also urged women to form groups and saccos in order to benefit from the women’s affirmative funds.
Wangui made the remarks at Wanguru town in Mwea East Sub County where she distributed niceties to orphans and the aged, an event organized through Ngirichi and Sons rescue team.
She said cancer cases are on the rise and the county government should set up a cancer screening center at the Kerugoya Level Four hospital.
Wangui said remedial actions should be taken to contain usage of harmful chemicals such as some of the agro-chemicals used to produce horticultural products, which could trigger cancer in humans.
She said since the residents extensively use the chemicals to carry out farming as the county is primarily a horticulture-based economy, authorities should embark on a serious campaign to crack down such chemicals which could cause harm.
Among the crops grown in the area using such chemicals are French beans, tomatoes, vegetables, water melon and fruits.
She said the disease has caused havoc amongst the residents due to lack of early screening kits with many residents ending up being diagnosed with the killer disease when it was too late.
“We want the county government to establish a team of experts to monitor such harmful agro-chemicals in conjunction with the other relevant national government agencies,” Wangui said.
“We are aware some unscrupulous business people are responsible for dumping the harmful chemicals in the area where unsuspecting farmers use them to grow the crops only to end up sick,” she said.
Yesterday, Wangui said she will concentrate more on a sustainable awareness campaign to reduce the high costs of treatment and also facilitate more free screening camps.

By Irungu Mwangi


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