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Swoop on contraband drinks in Transmara

The fight against counterfeit alcohol is expected to take center stage in Transmara during the Christmas and New Year festivities when security agencies will be on high alert to monitor the influx of the contraband.

Addressing the press in Kilgoris Town, Transmara West Deputy County Commissioner Mohamed Hassan Noor revealed that his security team has been tasked to ensure no counterfeit alcohol finds its way to shelves.

“We are going to intensify patrols with the intention of ensuring that counterfeit alcohol which mostly crosses our borders from neighbouring countries does not find a market in this region.

We will only allow alcohol and products certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards to be on the market,” he said.

He bemoaned that through the sale of illegal and uncertified alcohol products and other contrabands, unscrupulous businessmen deny the country a lot of revenue warning that their days are numbered.

“We call upon the public to take caution of the serious health effects these illegal alcoholic products have on the consumers as much as they are cheap.

Our people should avoid these products and should know that the products are cheap because they have not gone through the regulatory procedures and have not been certified for consumption.

Anyone found in possession of these products will be arrested and taken to court” he warned.

By Isaiah Nayika

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