Take vaccine to schools, KNUT

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The Meru branch of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) wants the Ministry of Health to make arrangements on how teachers will receive Covid-19 vaccines from schools where they work.

Addressing journalists in Meru town Monday, the branch Executive Secretary Mr. Caxton Miungi said teachers in Meru are ready to protect themselves against the pandemic through vaccinations, but have been frustrated by the unavailability of vaccines from the local health facilities.

“Our teachers are more than ready to be vaccinated but we want the government to assure us of the availability of the vaccines from the health facilities,” he said.

To ensure compliance, Mr. Miungi added, a plan should be developed where teachers, who have their own clusters will be visited in their convenient areas and vaccinated from there.

“With the clusters we can even set out a specific date to ensure all the teachers come out for the jab and put to end the story of vaccinations,” said Mr. Miungi.

He called on their employer, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to stop giving them an ultimatum to receive the vaccine as well as threatening those who fail to do so, adding that this was demoralizing teachers.

TSC had earlier reported a low vaccine uptake by teacher’s despite being prioritized in the ongoing vaccination exercise.

By Dickson Mwiti

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