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Tame your tongues, church urges politicians

Members of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) from the central region have urged politicians to tone down insults and divisive politics as the country prepares to conduct general elections.

The members who spoke six days to general elections have said some sentiments by those seeking various elective positions may plunge the country into chaos.

In a press briefing at St James ACK cathedral church in Murang’a town on Tuesday, the members of clergy expressed concerns over campaigns full of insults and blames saying leaders should focus on their manifesto instead of insulting and blaming each other.

Led by their regional vice chairman Rev John Muhinyia, the church leaders advised Kenyans not to fall into divisive politics being spread by some candidates.

Muhinya who read the press statement said there is life after elections and thus Kenyans should exercise their constitutional right to vote and continue with their daily activities.

“Some contemptuous utterances by some of our leaders during their campaigns may cause mayhem and plunge the country into chaos after the general elections. Let those seeking various elective positions do mature campaigns and focus more on what they will do if elected,” stated Muhinya.

He continued “let’s desist from anything that may breach peace in our nation. Elections will come and go.”

Muhinya argued that it’s worrying when some leaders, even those at national level, publicly throw jabs at each other.

“This is a dangerous precedent that can easily be picked and translated into unpleasant confrontations between their supporters.” he remarked.

The church leaders further called on Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity who have proven to have the right competence to fix the challenges facing the country.

They encouraged residents not only to focus on presidential positions but also to consider electing trustworthy leaders in other elective positions including MCA, MP, Senator, Governor and Woman Rep.

“Don’t get lost in national politics and forget your very local leaders whose services affect your everyday living,” added Muhinya.

He called on Kenyans to accept the election results saying out of 16, 000 candidates, there are only 1, 835 positions.

“As you canvass for support and vote for your favourite candidate, please bear in mind that he or she can either win or lose.

“Don’t over invest your emotions in the candidate since loss may lead to great hurt on your part. It shouldn’t be unthinkable for you that the opponent may be your next leader,” explained Muhinya.

By Bernard Munyao

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