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Stock Harvest,Tana River Farmers Advised

Farmers in Tana River County have been advised to reserve recently harvested food stuffs to last up to the next season’s harvest in December or January next year to cushion against rains failure.

County Director of Agriculture, Samuel Baya, at the same time urged the farmers to adhere to good post – harvest practices to avoid losses due to rotting, pest attack and aflatoxin contamination.

“Farmers must ensure all dry maize is removed from the fields to avoid being drenched in rain and surface runoff, which will increase post-harvest losses,’’ said Baya while talking to KNA in his Hola office.

Most farmers along River Tana and those in the minor schemes such as the Hola and Bura Irrigation Schemes, are nearly done with harvesting maize, green grams and cowpeas from the recent short rains season.

Baya further advised the farmers to make good use of Tana and Bura Irrigation Schemes to boost their production, noting the schemes under the National Irrigation Authority have developed water infrastructure which would greatly assist them in the event of inadequate rains.

Tana River County has diverse climatic conditions with areas around Kipini and parts to The South of Garsen, bordering Kilifi and Lamu Counties are expected to get normal rainfall being within coastal belt.

However, the zone along the River Tana upwards-from Mnazini, Kitere through Wenje, Zubaki, Milalulu and Chewele in Bura Constituency is anticipated to receive scanty to below normal rains.

“The hinterland, the North most part of the County; from Asa and Kone in Garsen to areas bordering Tsavo National Park through Wayu and Waldena areas bordering Kitui County up to Madogo and Bangale areas may have total rain failure,’’ warned Baya.

By Sadik Hassan

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