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Tana River residents urged to embrace aquaculture

The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) has embarked on a 7-day scoping mission and assessment of the blue economic status in Tana River County.

The institute is planning to partner with Tana River County government to develop the fisheries sector and the blue economy.

“Tana River has not been in our realm in terms of research. We are doing most of our researches in Mombasa, Kwale and other counties,” said Prof James Njiru Director-General of KMFRI in Hola Tuesday.

Njiru added that they were on a mission to help Tana River communities through research that would give a clear picture of their resources.

“We want to help the county and the communities in investments. Investments will bring jobs and increase livelihood for people of Tana River and Kenya in general,” said Njiru.

Most communities in Tana River depend on crop farming and pastoralism. According to the Director General, it is high time they diversified and thought about fish farming which is the fastest-growing economy.

“Right now, the fastest growing economy in terms of agriculture sector is the aquaculture. We wouldn’t want Tana River to be left behind but would like to be the bandwagon in terms of the development of the fisheries sector in Kenya,” said Njiru.

The fisheries potential of Kenya’s inland waters from commercial fishing is estimated to be between 150,000 to 300,000 metric tonnes.

According to the KMFRI state of aquaculture report in Kenya 2021, Aquaculture has greater potential to supply most of the nation’s farmed aquatic food and contribute to food and nutrition security by complimenting fish supplies from inland and marine capture fisheries.

KMFRI Board Director and former MP of Galole, Hassan Dukicha urged Tana River communities to utilize their resources in the river and ocean to improve their lives.

By Sadik Hassan

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