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Tap into the huge opportunities created by the EAC-Graduates told

Graduates have been challenged to tap into the academic and business opportunities created by the admission of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into the East African Community.

EAC Secretary General Dr. Peter Mathuki said the seven member states in the community have over 300 million population which expands the market and opportunities to the young people.

Speaking while presiding over the Mount Kenya University’s 22nd graduation ceremony at their main campus in Thika, Mathuki said graduates need to be sensitized on these opportunities and how they can tap into them to end joblessness.

“The combined 300 million population from the seven partner states provides the young people with opportunities to establish businesses and look for jobs as they are highly competitive,” Mathuki said.

He at the same time called on universities to consider linkages and networking to help their students exchange skills and remain marketable across the member states.

Citing Mt Kenya University that has opened new campuses in several of the EAC member states, Mathuki called on local universities to tap into those opportunities and become drivers of regional integration.

The University founder Prof. Simon Gicharu called on the graduates to use their skills to become entrepreneurs and job creators.

He advised young people to explore job opportunities in the EAC member states, cautioning them against looking for greener pastures outside the country without proper arrangement.

This, he said, would reduce cases of mistreatment and abuses that are reportedly being meted on some Kenyans working in some of the Gulf countries.

“For instance, the youth should tap into the recently introduced government’s Hustlers’ Fund to do small businesses instead of squandering the money in luxuries; then expand their enterprises and become job creators,” he said.

By Muoki Charles

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