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Teacher dies in helicopter’s botched take-off

A deputy head teacher at Masalani primary school died on the spot after being struck by the blades of a helicopter that crashed during an attempted take-off in Masalani, Ijara, Garissa County.

The body of the teacher who was part of the contingent of government officials overseeing the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams was severed during the botched take-off.

Preliminary reports into the incident indicated that the teacher who was invigilating the national examination was hit by the propellers when it lost control during the take-off in Masalani.

Ijara sub-county deputy director of education Mr Ibrahim Odowa said the late teacher identified as Mr Ahmed Noor Ismail, was taking the papers to Masalani Secondary School but was unfortunately struck by the blades of the ill-fated helicopter.

Odowa confirmed that the deceased died at the scene of the incident after the rotating propeller shaft slashed his head several times inflicting fatal injuries adding that the body was moved to Masalani Hospital.

The news of the tragic death of the teacher sent Masalani town into mourning with the local imams praying for his family and the soul of the departed soul whom they described as a devoted Muslim.

The incident comes barely a day after two other chopper accidents occurred in the neighbouring Wajir County during a relief operation exercise as roads have been rendered impassable in the entire region due to the ongoing rains and floods across the country.

By Mohamed Dahir


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