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Technical Institutions Key to the Realization of the Big Four, Says PS

The  Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions are key players in the actualization of the government’s ‘Big Four’ agenda.

The  Principal Secretary (PS) for Vocational and Technical Training, Dr. Kevit Desai stated that the trainees in these institutions have over the years been coming up with outstanding innovations in various fields.

“They have innovated devices using technologies that are applicable in the fields of agriculture, health, manufacturing and housing; the four priority development areas for the government,” Dr. Desai said.

The  PS, who spoke at the Approved School in Kakamega town while attending an exhibition on Thursday, asked the students to commercialize their innovations.

“The  TVET institutions will not only be centres of learning but also citadels of technology transfer,” he said at the event where 35 institutions from Western and Nyanza showcased their innovations.

The innovations included water purification using natural herbs, automated water harvesting machinery, renewable energy technology as well as many other fabricated tools and equipment.

The PS added that they are emphasizing technical training because it paves way for self-employment.

By  Sammy  Mwibanda

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