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Telemedicine pilot study to improve maternal, newborn health

Busia County Government, in conjunction with a non-governmental organization, Living Goods, will conduct a pilot study on telemedicine in Malaba, Teso North Sub-county, with a view to improving maternal and newborn health.

Speaking during a meeting with a section of Busia County Health officials at a hotel in Busia on Thursday, Living Goods Senior Manager on Strategic Innovations, Harriet Andrews, said the study will integrate Community Health Promoters into virtual strategies to support mothers and their newborns.

“We want to test the model in Malaba to understand what works and what is supposed to be adopted, to have a telehealth design that is efficient and effective, said Andrews, adding that the study will be carried out over the next 9 to 12 months.

The manager disclosed that the organization will work with a team of 50 Community Health Promoters, to reach about 400 women.

“Telemedicine strategies and approaches will open up opportunities to reach and serve communities alongside improving healthcare coverage and information,” she said, adding that the model will also ensure that community health promoters serve households effectively.

Living Goods Relations Manager, Patrick Adera, expressed confidence that the outcome of the study, will be adopted by Busia and other counties.

Busia County Community Health Services Coordinator, Emmanuel Luvai, welcomed the initiative, adding that the use of technology will improve health care.

Telemedicine is the art of using telecommunications technology to support the delivery of all kinds of medical, diagnostic, and treatment-related services by doctors.

By Salome Alwanda

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