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ten adults sat for KCSE in Loitoktok

Ten adults in Loitoktok Sub-County sat for the recent Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination, with the leading one attaining a grade of a C plain.

The Sub-county director of adult education Elizabeth Kinuthia, termed the overall performance of the adult candidates satisfactory, but lamented they could have performed even better were it not for the huge challenges they faced including teachers’ shortage.

“The program is good but because of lack of teachers and other challenges, it becomes hectic,” she noted.

She said there is only one government employed teacher in the region as the other four had retired, while the other ten teachers, strategically deployed to different parts of the sub county only facilitate learners on basics.

Kinuthia said there are only two adult examination centres in the sub-county; at DEB primary and Ilkisonko boys secondary Schools.

Therefore, she called for the establishment of more adult education centers to boost enrollment for adult learners.

By Kaaka Koromo and Kimani Tirus

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