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Tharaka Nithi governor on the fight against illicit brew

Tharaka Nithi Governor Mr. Muthomi Njuki has revealed stringent measures to curb excessive consumption of alcohol and the rise of illicit brew in the county.

Speaking while distributing certified seeds to residents of Magumoni ward, the Governor said that all bar operation licenses will be revoked and the owners must follow strict procedures for renewal.

He disclosed that illicit brew makers are using hazardous chemicals to fasten the fermentation process which can cause severe effects to consumers.

“These people are shockingly using chemicals used to preserve bodies in mortuaries. We won’t allow this to continue in this area,” Njuki said.

In collaboration with the national government, the Governor said that the fight against second generation liquor will continue until they are all cracked down and closed permanently.

The Governor said that only bars that have undergone a thorough inspection by Kenya Bureau of Standards will be allowed to operate again.

Njuki noted that bars will only operate during the set time guidelines and asked police officers to arrest those selling beyond the set hours.

He further added that the county government has launched a liquor licensing committee to conduct a vetting process for all licenses in the county, adding that the team will be keen in preventing selling of illicit brew.

The Governor advised residents to desist from drinking illicit liquor which is very harmful adding that no bar owner who has sold illicit alcohol will receive their licenses back.

He revealed that the practice is not only common in Tharaka Nithi County but has affected many youths in the Mt. Kenya region. “I urge youths to stop engaging in this illegal practice which will only damage your health and cause a lot of unproductivity,” he said.

While at it, the Governor said that Chuka Level 4 Referral Hospital has now been elevated to a Level 5. He assured residents that the hospital will soon be equipped with all the necessary equipment for a Level 5 hospital.

By Sharon Gitau

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