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Tharaka Nithi Women Demand Apology from Njuki

Tharaka Nithi County women demonstrated in Kathwana town demanding an a apology from County Governor Muthomi Njuki for his arrogance and continuous insults through the use of sexist examples in public.
The women from Maara, Tharaka and Chuka Igambang’ombe constituencies carried placards through the streets of the town all the way to the governor’s office demanding the governor to respect them and make an apology
“Muthomi should remember that he was born by a woman and it seriously irritates when we hear him giving sexist examples whenever he wishes to deliver a point. Why not explain his messages without using misguided sexist proverbs,” said Ms. Evangeline Karimi one of the demonstrators
The women wanted to know the reason why the governor refused to pay constructors claiming they should be paid by women and why the governor failed to award Miss Tourism Tharaka Nithi County, claiming he can’t waste his money over such and that “she should be rewarded by sponsors.”
“Why does the governor term the event as prostitution and why is it that in any congregation whenever something pisses him off he refers to it as a woman,” said Ms. Karimi.
They went ahead claiming that the governor also mentioned that women have bad odour since they don’t shower.
“It is so painful that a governor whom we voted for and respect can insult women. We are giving him a last warning or else he will be forced to step down and we elect another governor,” said Ms. Karimi.
The Governor was not available for comment. County chief of staff Wilson Murithi said he tried his best to calm down the women but his efforts bore no fruits since the women insisted on seeing the governor.
Murithi promised the women that he will present all their grievances to the governor himself. The women left the grounds lamenting and swearing to repeat the same if no serious action is taken on the matter.
By Vallary Achieng/David Mutwiri

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