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The ambitious plan of expanding infrastructure

The Nakuru County government has embarked on an ambitious plan of expanding infrastructure development and connectivity to the south region through the rehabilitation of Roads, Air, and Railways network to attract investors.

Speaking Thursday during the county’s investment forum organized by Kenya Investment Authority, the county Chief of Staff Dr. Peter Ketyenya said reliable and uncongested roads have the capacity of enticing more business to spur the economy in rural areas.

Apart from an improved infrastructure, he said the county was keen on creating a conducive environment for investors including expedited registration of businesses and a dependable workforce.

Dr. Ketyenya appealed to the National Government to hasten the expansion to dual carriage of Rironi-Mau Summit Road to assist in the decongestion, and heavy traffic on the Nairobi- Nakuru highway.

Additionally, he said the completion of the Lanet Airport has the capacity of doubling the city’s tourist attraction and boosting the faster movement of flowers to the international market.

He noted that the heavy jam on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway was not only a discouragement for exporters due to the slow movement of goods, but has also turned out to be a nightmare for local travelers, who are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time while traveling.

The Chief of Staff also urged the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) to expand the Standard- Gauge Railways up to the city of Nakuru as a more rapid way of reducing the congestion, and several heavy commercial trucks on the highway.

Furthermore, Dr. Ketyenya added that a reliable and efficient public transport network is the backbone of the city’s mobility system and is crucial in creating a healthy environment, including the removal of several matatus and personal cars from the central business district.

Present during the meeting was Bernard Odhiambo, Senior Policy Advocacy Officer at the Kenya Investment Authority, who challenged counties to formulate County Investment Units that would act as a one-stop information centers for investors.

In the recent past, the National Government has aggressively invested in the road network, which has been scaled up to build more highways, and urban and rural roads to open up areas to economic activity and trade.

However, the rainy seasons have always proved a challenge in the maintenance of the roads since a number of them are always washed out during heavy floods.

By Veronica Bosibori


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