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The venerable to be considered while distributing relief food

Moyale sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Stanley Too has instructed chiefs, their assistants and village committee members to make sure venerable people and those living with disabilities are prioritized during relief food distribution.

Too noted that the administrators should work hand in hand with village committees that have been formed to ensure that every needy family in the sub counties receives relief food.

Speaking at his office in Moyale today the Deputy County Commissioner said that the Sub County had received and distributed 200 fifty kilogram bags of rice and 300 fifty kilogram bags of beans and 100 cartons packed with two dozen each of corned beef adding that some more relief food was being expected depending on availability from the national government.

He said the Sub-County relief food distribution had identified the most venerable areas within the central division noting that most of the cases from Golbo division have been taken care of because they were under many other cash transfer programs.

“Anyone who is benefitting from any cash transfer program be it from the government or any other development partners should not be given relief food because it is denying the venerable cases a chance of benefitting,” the DCC said

He also appealed to some well to do families to desist from asking for the relief stipends to enable many more deserving cases to benefit.

“Relief food is meant for the most venerable people and families but you will find someone who is strong and can work and also someone from well to do family queuing to be given the same, he or she is denying many deserving cases a chance to benefit,” Too quipped

The DCC however said any relief agencies that are willing to support the government through cash transfer program or any other support programs to the hungry residents should liaise with his office to avoid duplication.

By Gatana Muchira


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