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Theft suspect tortured by OCS

Human Rights activists in Nakuru have been pissed off by the heinous act of an Olenguruone Officer Commanding Station (OCS) for dragging a theft suspect to a police station while riding on a motorbike.

The activists noted that the OCS only identified as Musyoki went against the provisions of the constitution under article 25 (a) which stipulates that a person is not limited to freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment hence calling for a speedy legal action.

According to a Nakuru based journalist and human rights defender, Kioko Wa Kivandi, this incident has completely denied the theft suspect, 21-year-old Mercy Cherono her dignity.

“This act is as heinous as that of Minneapolis police officer in America committed against George Floyd. She is the Kenyan Floyd. She too is saying ‘I can’t breathe ‘”, noted Kioko.

He further said that there was need to bring this matter to the attention of the Inspector General, Hillary Mutyambai whose officers seem to have gone rogue. This is the second torture incident in Nakuru in a very short span of time coming soon after another police officer was filmed squeezing a man’s genitals during arrest.

The incident has sparked anger among the residents in Olenguruone in Kuresoi South sub-county and are now calling for similar action against the officer involved.

The OCS did the inhumane act to Cherono after she was caught by members of the public hiding in a toilet at a scene of crime.

It is said that Cherono was in the company of two other accomplices who instructed her to hide inside a toilet as they escaped with the stolen household items stolen from the area deputy OCS house.

The gang is said to have stolen police uniforms, gas cylinder, Sh. 10,000 in cash among other valuables when the deputy OCS, David Kiprotich was away at their rural home in Bomet.

In a video that went viral, Cherono is seen being whipped by members of the public under police watch as her cry for help falls on deaf ears.

Her hand tied then tied on the rear of a motor bike and the OCS, being the rider of the bike, dragged her on a rough road for a distance.

Speaking to the press, the victim’s mother, Catherine Cherotich is traumatized by the condition she found her in.

In tears, Cherotich termed this as a heinous act and called upon the officer in charge to take action against the rogue officer who did so.

She added that in as much as her daughter is alleged to have committed a crime, the officers ought to have used the right channel and ensure she is charged in a court of law instead of subjecting her to so much pain.

Locals accused the officers for such brutality on the suspect noting that there is need to handle suspects in a humane way.

Contacted, the Rift Valley police commander, Marcus Ochola termed the incident as unacceptable adding that investigations into the matter have commenced.

Kuresoi South legislator, Joseph Tonui said that this was unfortunate and the officer involved should be disciplined in accordance to the law.

The other two male suspects are still at large, three days after the alleged incident occurred. Cherono is recuperating at the Olenguruone sub-county hospital.

Floyd, a black American living in the United States America lost his life after a police officer in Minneapolis state used his knee to press Floyd’s neck on the ground until he could breathe no more.

This happened during an arrest at a shop outside Minnesota.

By Emily Kadzo

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