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Thika residents raise concern over attacks from unknown people

Githima residents in Thika East Sub County are living in fear following a spate of attacks from unknown people, the latest of which was on Tuesday that left a woman fighting for her life in hospital.

On Tuesday, Eunice Njoki was approaching her home after selling boiled eggs which she depends on for a livelihood, only for the gang of young boys to descend on her with metal rods leaving her for dead.

Residents said the attacks have become common, such fatal and despite reporting to the authorities, no action has been taken.

The youthful gangsters are said to be aged between 15-22 years and they patrol the area at night, beating those they meet at night with all manner of weapons but steal nothing from them.

“Were it not for screaming raising alarm to neighbours who responded, I would be dead. Luckily, they gave me first aid, took me to the police station to report the issue and later to hospital where I was stitched on my head that was bleeding profusely,” said Njoki.

Another victim Muuga Ngige said the boys waylaid him as he headed home, and is lucky he survived the beating.

He said residents stopped going home late, for fear of the gang, with the streets getting clear by 7pm. They blame the incidents on cases of uptake of drugs, illicit brews and bhang smoking by the gang.

“Three people have died following similar attacks and no action has been taken against the perpetrators. We will now be patrolling the area till we catch up with these boys,” said Mwaura.

The Thika East Deputy Police Commander Muthee Nyaga confirmed that there have been two cases of such attacks that have been reported in the last one week.

He said they are investigating whether Njoki’s attack was carried out by people well known to her and added they are following up some leads in their investigations.

The police boss said they have enhanced security patrols and warned that anyone nabbed during curfew hours or involved in the attacks, will be dealt with ruthlessly.

Two weeks ago, a boy from the neighbouring Gatuanyaga area, in the same sub county was brutally murdered by unknown people as he went to a local market to charge his father’s phone, raising uproar among residents.

By Muoki Charles

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