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Three die as quarry collapses on lorry

Three people died Wednesday after a quarry wall collapsed on a lorry that they were loading building stones on, in Muthaara village of Juja in Kiambu County.

Eye witnesses said the lorry driver and one of his conductors died on the spot while another conductor died as he was being rushed to hospital.

Four others are recuperating at Thika Level Five Hospital after suffering serious injuries from the incident.

According to the owner of the lorry Elias Mwaura, the collapse of the wall at the Kwa Mugo quarry was caused by a crack on top of the deep quarry.

His lorry was damaged beyond repair and was towed to Juja police station.

“I was informed of the incident by a driver who had gone to buy stones. It is unfortunate, but these quarries at times collapse because of lack of professionalism in mining of the stones,” he said.

David Ekidor, a quarry worker underscored the need for quarry owners to insure their workers in case such incidences strike.

“Incase such accidents happen, the victims and their families are left on their own to bear huge hospital and burial costs. Quarry owners should be compelled to insure their quarries to prevent such sufferings in future,” said Ekidor.

Juja Sub County Police Commander Dorothy Migarusha confirmed the incident saying investigations have commenced.

By Muoki Charles

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