Three people attacked by Hyena

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Three people are nursing injuries after being attacked by a hyena in Limanet area, Narok North Sub-County.

Confirming the incident, John Momanyi, Narok central police Commander, said three residents were nursing injuries after being attacked by a hyena in Limanet area near Narok Town.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Wednesday, 3 a.m., when the hyenas invaded a home of residents attacking three members of the family; Two adults and an 11-year-old boy leaving them with injuries.

Momanyi also urged the resident to always report such matters to the relevant authorities before taking any action in their hands.

He also said the injured persons had been taken to Narok Referral Hospital for treatment, saying that the residents killed the hyena.

Further, Momanyi said Narok is one of the counties where wildlife is a source of tourist attractions, urging the residents not to kill wildlife.

According to one of the victims Mpantin’ga Mondoi, the hyena invaded their homestead at around 3 am and attacked their cows and sheep.

Mondoi said he heard the mooing of the cows outside being attacked by the hyena after which he went out of the house and tried to fight the hyena, but it overpowered him biting his leg.

The two other family members who rushed to his rescue were also attacked and injured by the hyena.

“I was trying to save my sheep and cows, when the hyena turned on me and I was bitten on the leg. When my brother tried to save me from the hyena he was also attacked,” narrated Mondoi.

The village elder Jackson Napati, said the hyena killed 2 cows, 3 donkeys, and 2 sheep, leaving others with injuries.

Napati urged the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to relocate the wildlife before they cause more damage and losses.

By John Kaleke

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