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Three Siaya Priests and MCA locked up for Breaking COVID 19 Quarantine Rules

Three Catholic priests and a Member of Siaya County Assembly were locked up at a quarantine facility in Siaya for violating measures put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The priests, from Ugunja and Ugenya sub counties were said to be part of the contacts of Italy based cleric who has since tested positive, while the MCA, from West Alego, was quarantined for being part of a group of mourners who violated the requirement that not more than 15 people attend a funeral at any given time.
Siaya County Commissioner Michael ole Tialal and the County Police Commander Francis Kooli confirmed the detention of the four, together with 25 others.
Tialal said that all those quarantined had samples taken for testing for the deadly virus ravaging the globe and only those who tested negative would be allowed to leave with instructions to self-quarantine.
“We have received results from 18 people which are negative,” said the County Commissioner, adding that the county emergency response team was working on modalities of releasing them. He said the 11 others would have to wait for the test results to know their fate.
Kooli said that the MCA was locked up after he turned up at the Siaya police station that had issued a summon for him to turn himself in for violating Coronavirus measures.
“We had summoned him, together with his colleague who attended a funeral in Usonga, contrary to requirements that only close family members and not more than 15 people attend such occasions,” he said.
He said that the MCA was rushed to the quarantine facility at the KMTC Siaya where he, together with those held there had to undergo tests.
Kooli said that the other MCA had also turned up and was being processed at the Siaya police station.
He warned that those found violating the measures put in place by the government would be locked up at the quarantine facilities and forced to undergo tests for the virus.
“We have to be proactive to contain the spread of the disease. Those found in violation of the regulations will be locked up in the quarantine facilities where they will be tested,” he said and urged the locals to obey the law.

By Philip Onyango

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