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Tinderet Hospitals benefit from Sh150,000 drugs

Hospitals in Tinderet Sub-county have benefited from pharmaceutical products and drugs worth Sh. 150,000 donated by Karebe Gold Mining Company.

The five hospitals located in Chemase, Chepswerita, Kibongwa, Kibisen, and Chemursoi each got drugs worth Sh30,000 to support healthcare services.

Dr. Amos Barno, Chief Health Officer in Charge of Chemase Hospital, said that the drugs will improve the well-being of patients who visit the health facilities in search of medical care.

“We applaud Karebe for this timely gesture and their continued close working relationship with the Nandi County government to help in providing easily accessible drugs to the local residents,” Barno noted.

Barno urged the county government and the health stakeholders to assist in purchasing modern X-rays and beds to improve the health facilities.

Gilbert Terer, Karebe Gold Officer in Charge of Health Care Services, revealed that the Gold Mining firm has been donating drugs worth Sh30,000 on a monthly basis. He reiterated that they have been responding to distress calls from the local residents neighbouring the company.

“We are partnering with the county government to supply the drugs based on the health facilities’ needs. We are glad we have received positive feedback from the community, and we are going to offer the necessary support,’’ Terer reassured.

He added that, as Karebe management, they are exploring the possibility of supplying the hospitals with anti-venoms to help in treating patients with snakebites.

Henry Muge, the Chairman of Chemase residents, further praised the Gold Mining firm for its good relations with the local residents.

“Chemase Hospital was opened in 1969 and currently serves over 10,000 patients. We urge the county government to upgrade its infrastructure and increase the number of health personnel for better services,” Mr. Muge appealed.

Meanwhile, the residents and stakeholders have called upon the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) to open up a research centre to help identify the kinds of snakes that bite the residents.

Dr. Barno said that some snakes can kill in seconds and some within a day. The area has been experiencing snake bites for quite some time.

“We usually get 10 or more cases of snake bites in a month. It’s always difficult because we refer the patients to Nandi County Hospital for further treatment,” Dr. Barno confirmed.

The research centre will help identify the kind of venom and tremendously reduce the number of deaths from bites.

By Kosuri Valarie

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