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Title deeds could be solution to perennial land conflicts, CEC

The County Government of Garissa is keen on issuing land titles in urban areas to minimize perennial conflicts over land ownership.

Lands CEC Abdi Farah said the county government was keenly following up on a promise made by Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney during her visit to Garissa county over a year ago.

Omar said there was an urgent need to establish a Geographical information system laboratory in Garissa County for mapping out all land and its ownership across the county.

Speaking in his office today during a meeting called to develop a manual for Rural women access to land and natural resources, the CEC said digitizing land registry was paramount for efficient management, storage, administration of land records and prevention of fraud.

The group discussion was attended by Husna Mubarak of UNFAO, Rachael Ndindi from State Department of Lands, Kitasi Wanga of ActionAid, Rtd Judge Pamela Tanui who is a consultant, and women leaders drawn from various groups.

Omar said governor Ali Korane was committed to working with partners in coming up with spatial planning and GIS laboratory to end land skirmishes in the county.

The CEC expressed regret over sporadic killings within Garissa municipality due to land conflict.

He said ending land conflict required concerted efforts from the County, National Government, Partner organizations and the local community.

“Fights over land that has claimed hundreds of lives in the past few decades are a concern that governor Korane want addressed once and for all. We must join hands and together face this problem head-on,” Omar said.

“Our people cannot continue killing each over land year in year out. We must come up with mitigation measures among them issuance of land title deeds,” he added.

Omar said due to rural urban migration, Garissa town experienced a population surge that contributed to land conflicts with spiral effects beyond the municipality.

Various women leaders who spoke during the meeting said there was need to plan and issue tittle deeds as a solution to the land conflicts in Garissa.


By Jacob Songok 


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