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Towns and markets along the Kenol- Marua dual carriage road to get facelift

The  Makutano, Sagana, Kiangwaci and Kibingoti towns in Kirinyaga County, which are along the proposed Kenol-Marua dual carriageway are set to get a facelift as a fringe benefit from the mega project.

Area Deputy Governor (DG), Peter Ndambiri  said the towns will be tarmacked and improved to better standards as the construction of the multi-billion project gets under way.

He said a biding MOU was already in place to ensure the aforementioned towns benefited through a facelift.

Ndambiri  was reacting  on Monday to complaints from residents of Kibingoti town that their town had been abandoned by the county government.

The  DG who spoke to the media after a tour of the area assured the residents that once the construction works for the dual carriage road begins, the towns would simultaneously be getting the facelift.

“I can assure you those small traders who hawk their commodities within these towns will no longer be exposed to rains or harsh weather conditions once the said modernization takes place,” he said.

The residents had complained that their markets were filthy, with no toilets or running water yet they hawked foodstuffs which required highest hygienic standards.

“As a county government we have tried our best despite the meager resources which we get allocated by the National Treasury but the situation will soon change for better once this project gets underway, this I can tell you for a fact,” Ndambiri said.

He also said he was optimistic there will be no more accumulation of uncollected garbage as adequate measures have been put in place to address the matter.

But  Ndambiri cautioned all market and town traders to be careful on how they disposed of their waste in order to keep the facilities clean.

“Much as we improve on garbage collection, traders must be wary of how they dispose of waste from their farm produce so that we appear to be working towards having a clean working environment,” he said.

The construction of the 88 kilometre dual carriageway is set to start any time from now, according to the Kenya National Highway Authority.

By  Irungu Mwangi

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