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Traders, apartment owners cautioned against open effluent disposal

Nyandarua County Executive for Water, Environment, Climate change and Natural Resources Wachira Mugo has put on notice traders and apartment owners releasing sewage and effluent into open trenches in a bid to safeguard public health.

The executive noted that the actions posed a significant risk to the health and well-being of others and had detrimental effects on the environment.

He noted the importance of complying with existing regulations and guidelines that govern the proper handling and disposal of effluent, noting that Ol Kalou sewerage system was 98 percent complete.

“Some of the traders are releasing sewage during the wee hours while others during the rains which poses severe health consequences for individuals who come into contact with contaminated waters.

“We will mount regular inspections of waste water management systems to help identify and address any potential leaks, blockages, or other issues promptly,” he said.

Mugo, who was speaking during the World Environment Day at the same time cautioned against planting of eucalyptus trees along riparian land and waterways as a way of individuals contributing to the preservation and restoration of natural habitats, protect water resources, and safeguard the delicate balance of local ecosystems.

He said that the eucalyptus trees have high water requirements and can deplete water sources, exacerbating water scarcity issues, particularly in areas with limited rainfall or in times of drought.

On his part, county forest conservator John Kamau called on area residents to help embark strongly on tree planting.

His sentiment was echoed by Ol kalou Branch Equity manager who called on youths to venture into tree seedling selling business by establishing tree nurseries noting the demand was high.

By Antony Mwangi

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